Answering Service & call center

Telekol Answering Service is a professional and experienced answering
service, attending professional support phone lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a

Telekol's advanced telephone answering service serves as a front help desk
.to numerous professional and business services

Telekol was established in 2005, and as of now already serves 750
subscribers in all sectors. Telekol use a modern software program based on
years of experience in all activities for answering service/call centers which are
entirely computerized. Telekol is using a highly advanced switchboard system
.that combined with the software gives a high quality answering service

Telekol's manpower are hired on the basis that each candidate are specially
chosen on his/her qualification and skills. Employees receive training prior to
.answering calls

 How does it work?

The subscribed company receives a personal telephone number at Telekol
which is communicated to the relevant clients of the subscribed company.

Through this number, all calls are responded to by Telekol personnel, and
acted upon as agreed with the subscribed company. All calls are then
followed until the needed response is obtained.

Every call originated from or reaching your given telephone number will be
answered at Telekol by the subscribed company name:

"The Zzzzz`s Company"....."Can I help you?".... (or according to subscribed
company needs).

The personalized service described above is made possible by means of an
advanced computer system. After each call the subscribed company will
receive their messages via e-mail, sms fax or via the web site

Various services:




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